Achieve real engagement with a comprehensive toolset.

Versatile web-based platform supports corporate wellness programs in managing a culture of health. Integrated and configurable components work seamlessly to develop programs, increase employee engagement and track results.

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Engagement = Success

Program Management

Your Culture. Your Program. Our Technology.

Power in your hands to customize and brand outcome-based wellness programs to satisfy your company’s or customers’ unique culture. Flexibility to learn from real-time data, adjust active programs, and maximize your program outcomes.

Program Management

Define Your Programs

Design programs targeted to specific demographics and locations with customizable timeframes. Run concurrent individual or team based campaigns.

Choose Activities

Build custom activities – health metrics, events, challenges, polls, quizzes, surveys and education – and assign point based performance incentives.

Engage Program Users

Create excitement and communicate using built-in email, alerts, leader boards and social networking tools.

Manage & Modify

Use real-time custom reporting to monitor engagement & progress. Modify program elements in real time to create success.

Individual Dashboard

Always available: 24/7, 365 days a year.

Behavioral change does not happen in 6-8 week intervals so we designed a solution that provides wellness support 52 weeks of the year. By integrating program management, coaching, social networking and individual learning tools on one easy-to-use health manager dashboard, you provide a collaborative wellness environment for the individual.

Individual Dashboard

Plan Goals

Tell us about yourself and select your overall objective. Our best practices provide you with personal guidelines for daily nutrition, exercise and health goals.

Track & Learn

By using our nutritional and fitness database, grading and reporting tools, you will be guided on how to modify your behaviors and reach your goals.

Make the Grade

See YOUR individual grade based on YOUR personal goals – in real-time! Watch your grade change with every piece of info that you add to the system.

Connect with Peers

Fact: social support creates success. Using our social networking features, connect with friends and create groups to get the support you need.

Prescriptive Coaching

The right plan. The right time. The right advice.

Provide your health coaches, fitness trainers and nutritionists with the right online coaching solution. By integrating your coaching services with other 411Fit products, you increase engagement, reduce delivery cost and improve results.

Prescriptive Coaching

Customize Individual Plans

Create a customized individuals or small groups experiences. Provide individualized wellness plans, track progress, and monitor daily activity.

Be Alert

Coaches will be automatically alerted when an individual falls out of set ranges for goals & metrics. This allows for immediate guidance at the right time.

Share Information

Provide customized plans and learning tools using 411Fit library of food, meals, recipes, cardio & strength exercises, motivation quotes and resources.

Report & Adjust

411Fit gives coaches the capabilities to see data, assess progress and communicate necessary changes via a customizable reporting interface.