A Better Approach to Health & Wellness

The Next Generation Wellness Solution

411Fit is a cloud based wellness platform for wellness managers, providers and brokers. Using a single system with a comprehensive set of web-based tools, wellness program managers can take advantage of our modular functionality and comprehensive consumer engagement tools to run real-time & customized campaigns, increase employee engagement and inspire a culture of health.


Integrated & Configurable Products

Program Administration

  • Customizable wellness program management
  • Real-time administration reporting & analysis
  • Learn & modify during the life of a program
  • Comprehensive consumer engagement tools
  • Branding & co-branding options

Individual Dashboard

  • Prescriptive fitness & nutrition goal setting
  • Proprietary health metrics grading mechanism
  • Personalized, real-time reporting
  • Social & Peer Networking
  • Access to programs and coaching resources

Prescriptive Coaching

  • Deliver individualized online coaching
  • Monitor & respond to individual progress 24/7
  • Built-in alerts & communications
  • In-depth reporting functionality
  • Run challenges & create groups